Station staff powering up for a busy Christmas period keeping the lights on in Huntingdonshire homes

Little Barford Power Station

Little Barford Power Station - Credit: Archant

As homes across Huntingdonshire enjoy the festive and new year celebrations, staff at Little Barford Power Station will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep all the electric ovens fired-up, cooking the roast dinners.

The power station is a 730 mega watt combined cycle gas turbine plant, producing enough electricity, owner RWE says, to meet the needs of about half a million homes.

The team at Little Barford will be working throughout Christmas, playing a valuable role in helping to provide the nation with a secure supply of electricity, particularly when demand increases across the UK.

The station has contingency plans in place for all eventualities to ensure staff can get onto site to operate the power station no matter what the weather; including 4X4s, emergency rations and even sleeping equipment if the shift team is snowed in.

Little Barford site manager, Peter Robinson said: “I am incredibly proud of the team at site. The power station has had a busy year, generating a station record monthly output in November. Being highly efficient and flexible enables the plant to support the UK energy infrastructure.

“Once again our teams will be working over the festive season. For them Christmas is business as usual. Electricity needs to be produced as it’s required, 365 days a year. So it’s thanks to the dedication and hard work of all our staff that we can operate.”

To the shift teams on days and nights, Christmas is just another working day at Little Barford, however they know that the job is important and are very proud to generate electricity for homes across the region.

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Duty shift team leader, Laurie said “We already have a Christmas tree in the corner of the control room and we will enjoy our own Christmas dinner in the power station.”