A district council has rejected plans for a new drive-thru Starbucks in Cambourne, citing poor design among its reasons for turning down the application.

Planning officers at South Cambridgeshire District Council refused a plan submitted by supermarket giant Morrisons because the application ‘failed to improve the character and quality of the area and the way it functions’.

The proposals involved the redevelopment of the north eastern section of the existing Morrisons car park to provide a Starbucks drive-thru coffee outlet with car parking, drive thru-lane, hard and soft landscaping, and refuse area.

The proposal would have used up 57 car parking spaces within the supermarket car park, but the plans stated that an additional 57 car parking spaces would have been provided elsewhere.

Leading up to the meeting, however, Cambourne Parish Council lodged its objections to the proposal, saying the outlet would have a “detrimental impact on the development of the High Street” adding that the proposal would not “fit with the existing proposal of the High Street”.

Concerns were also raised over the impact that the new shop would have on parking and traffic in the area.

One objector said: “I oppose this proposal in the strongest terms. There is absolutely no need for a drive through coffee shop at the Morrisons site in Cambourne. There is a drive through coffee shop at the Caxton Gibbet service area which is only approximately 1-2 miles away.”

Another said: “There is absolutely no need for a drive through coffee shop in the Morrisons car park. We already have a coffee shop in Green’s that is a valuable community resource and this will be damaged by this new offering. In addition, Morrisons shop and garage offer takeaway coffee at the moment. There is also a Costa and McDonalds drive through at Caxton roundabout less than a mile away.”

Some spoke in support of the application, however. One person told the council: “Cambourne is a large settlement and it will be great to have an additional service for residents to use. It is in a location that would be very convenient.”

Morrisons has the right to appeal the decision to the Planning Inspectorate.