Star-crossed lovers return to where romance began

Chris and Juno Dunn on the stage of The Tempest at the George

Chris and Juno Dunn on the stage of The Tempest at the George - Credit: Archant

Shakespeare once wrote that the “course of true love never did run smooth” but that was far from the case for couple Chris and Juno Dunn, however.

The couple, who met 40 years ago, celebrated their first meeting by revisiting the setting, at a production hosted by Shakespeare at the George, in Huntingdon.

Former features editor at The Hunts Post, Chris, and his wife crossed paths when they were both starring in the 1976 production of Macbeth, performed The George Hotel, in George Street.

“I was only a part of the play because the director, John Sheard, didn’t want me to review it for The Hunts Post as I had a reputation for saying it how it was,” said Chris.

Because she was playing the part of the third witch in the production, Juno had to be covered in warts but that didn’t stop Chris, formerly of Brampton, from falling for her.

“It was often that I would forget my lines as I would be looking at Juno,” Chris added.

“We’ve never forgotten how we met on the set of Macbeth and, 40 years later, she’s still bewitching me.”

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The couple have four daughters – all named after characters from Shakespeare plays – and also have four grandchildren.

Now living in Devon, Chris surprised Juno on the anniversary of their first meeting with the trip to Huntingdon to see this year’s production, The Tempest.

Juno said: “Chris wouldn’t tell me where we were going but it was a wonderful surprise.”