St Peter’s School bucks downward maths and English national scores trend

St Peter’s School bucked the national trend of lower maths and English GCSE grades by setting new records.

There was a slight drop this year in the amount of students receiving five GSCEs at grades A*-C from 92 per cent to 91 per cent, a figure which is still more than half it was five years ago.

The amount of students who received five A*-C grades including English and Maths increased from last year’s 50% to 51% and a new record was set with 53 per cent of overall grades at A*-B.

There was also continued success with every student achieving at least one grade C GCSE.

High achievers Charlotte Bloom received eight A*s and four As, Olivia Moore got nine A*s and two As, Jared Amos achieved five A*s and three As, Jamie O’Neill had nine As and one B and Polly Mills got three A*s and six As and two Bs.

Kiera O’Connell, 16, was a high performer achieving a fantastic six A*s and six As. She told The Hunts Post, “I am very, very, very happy.

“I’ve had so much support from the school, I couldn’t have asked for more from my teachers who always made themselves available, even over half term.”

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Kiera is among 60 per cent of the more than 200 students who have applied to go on to St Peter’s Sixth Form with 100 per cent of all students in place for post-16 studies or employment.

Shannon Fox, 16, and Tyler Bennett, 16, also achieved fantastic results with Shannon receiving three A*s, six As, five Bs and two Ds.

She said: “I’m shocked, so shocked but utterly over the moon!”

Tyler received four As, four Bs and three Cs and told The Hunts Post: “I’m excited with a B in German because that means I can do it in Sixth Form now.”

There were also amazing triumphs under difficult circumstances with students like Tom Cooke managing to achieve two grade B GCSEs after a serious accident last year.

Headteacher Val Ford said: “This year group has been a pleasure to work with and will be remembered for their hardworking ethos and determination to succeed.”