St Neots woman’s grandchildren in emergency landing at Gatwick Airport

A ST NEOTS grandmother has spoken of the moment she realised her two daughters were on the plane which made an emergency landing at Gatwick on Monday.

Sheila Taylor, 57, of Huntingdon Street, said she received a call from daughter Laura, 32, at 12.30pm – two hours after Flight VS27 bound for Orlando, Florida was due to set off.

Laura was travelling with husband Matt, four-year-old Sonny, sister Rosie and Rosie’s partner Andy, on the holiday of a lifetime to Disney World.

Mrs Taylor said: “I just presumed they were on the plane when I got the call. Then when I heard the words ‘Mum – we’re all right’ my heart leapt into my mouth. All I could think was ‘that’s half my family on there’ as I heard my grandson shout ‘Nanny, it’s an emergency’.”

Mrs Taylor said her daughters told her they had smelled smoke and how they all had to evacuate the plane using the emergency chutes.

“It must have been very scary for all of them but they all got off safely,” Mrs Taylor said.

Fifteen people needed hospital treatment, 14 with suspected fractures, after the plane was evacuated due to what Virgin Atlantic called “a technical problem”.

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The family stayed in a hotel overnight and caught a flight to Orlando yesterday (Tuesday) morning.