St Neots councillor welcomes police action on “dangerous parking” in St Neots, but calls for “long term solutions”.

Cambridgeshire police pictured the parking on Hawkesden Road in St Neots. Cambridgeshire police pictured the parking on Hawkesden Road in St Neots.

A St Neots Town Councillor has said he welcomes police action on "dangerous parking" in St Neots, but has said that long term solutions are needed to fix the problem.

Councillor Stephen Ferguson, for the Love's Farm ward in St Neots, has said that the ongoing parking problems on Hawkesden Road, near St Neots Railway Station, will increase accidents in the area if long-term solutions are not found.

The parking on a sweeping bend on the road adjacent to the station, became an issue, after restrictions were installed in Love's Farm, forcing some commuters to park on Hawkesden Road.

Previously, commuters have told the Hunts Post, that new ANPR cameras at the train station are also discouraging train users from parking at the station, because if their trains are delayed, they are likely to get a parking fine. On Monday (January 27) police officers patrolled the area, and have said that they are in the "process of writing to those responsible for dangerous parking".

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: "We have been patrolling in Hawksden Road, St Neots, and are in the process of writing to those responsible for dangerous parking. We will continue patrolling with the promise of a fine to those who continue to flout the safety of other road users."

However, Cllr Ferguson has said that a long term solution is what is needed to fix the problem, and that St Neots Town Council have made a local highways improvement bid to have yellow lines painted along the section of road.

Cllr Furguson said: "I'm glad that the police are starting to take notice about the selfish and dangerous parking. As much as I sympathise about the extortionate costs of parking on a blind bend seriously increases the probability of an accident that could have terrible consequences for those innocently involved.

"St Neots Town Council made a Local Highway Improvement bid to have double yellow lines painted along that section of Hawkesden Road last year. If successful it will take a couple of years before the lines are painted, so in the meantime we are grateful to the police for discouraging dangerous parking."

Cllr Furguson has said that the town council hopes to hear back from the county council in March.