St Neots' students take up degree apprenticeships

Liam, Ben and Archie will take up apprenticeships at MASS

Longsands Academy students Liam, Ben and Archie will take up apprenticeships at MASS in St Neots. - Credit: LONGSANDS

Three sixth form students from Longsands Academy have secured place on a prestigious degree apprenticeship scheme.

The fully-funded course consists of on-the-job training at St Neots-based technology firm MASS and study, which will lead to permanent roles for the students.

Longsands Academy has developed close working ties with MASS - who deliver cutting edge solutions for cyber security and digital forensics.

Students Liam, Ben and Archie took part in work placements last summer which gave them invaluable experience and an opportunity to make a strong impression on the MASS team. 

MASS chief executive Jack Stark said: "We are really pleased to be able to offer Liam, Ben and Archie a degree apprenticeship with us.

"Since joining us on work placements they have shown enthusiasm and commitment and I am glad they will continue to be a valued part of our digital services team.

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"At MASS we believe in supporting the next generation of tech professionals and we’re looking forward to offering even more opportunities in the future.”   

Neil Owen, principal at Longsands Academy, said: “I am incredibly proud of the students and delighted for them that their conduct and aptitude whilst on work placement has led to such a wonderful opportunity.

"The apprenticeships that have been awarded are a testament to how fostering strong relationships between local industry and schools can excite and develop students providing tangible outcomes that benefit individuals and industry. MASS have been incredibly supportive of Longsands Academy and we look forward to future projects.” 

This sentiment was echoed by Claire Chilton, head of computer science at the academy, who said: “Our students benefit greatly from working with industry specialists. The technology industry needs young people with strong skills as well as knowledge.

"The BTEC qualification we offer provides students with the opportunity to study the core theory of computing whilst applying that knowledge to practical projects.  

"Working with organisations like MASS offers our students true insight into specialisms and further ignites their enthusiasm in the classroom and for their future.  For our students to be offered work experience opportunities accentuates this further.  

"Liam, Ben and Archie are testament to the drive, dedication and abilities of our students and they all truly appreciate the scope of the opportunity our partnership with MASS has afforded them."