“It will lift the spirits of everyone” says St Neots residents planning stay-at-home party for VE Day 75th anniversary

Residents in St Neots are planning VE Day 75th Anniversary stay-at-home parties

Residents in St Neots are planning VE Day 75th Anniversary stay-at-home parties - Credit: Archant

A group encouraging St Neots residents to celebrate VE Day 75 by holding a stay at home party has seen more than 1400 people join to take part in just three days.

Sarah Beck decided she wanted to do something to cheer people up during lockdown and mark the 75th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War.

The 41-year-old created a Facebook group on Friday (April 17) encouraging people to decorate their homes and have a picnic in their garden or lounge from 1pm on May 8.

From what started as idea for just family and friends has now led to 1,400 people interested in taking part.

Sarah, said: “It has absolutely gone crazy and I just can’t believe the amount of people who have got in touch to take part.

“So far 200 houses have confirmed their address in St Neots to sign up and some are already decorating their frontages in red, white and blue bunting.

“If we can still observe social distancing but create a wonderful community spirit from our homes then that would be amazing

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Sarah was inspired to start the campaign by remembering community celebrations from her childhood.

She continued: “My mum and dad always held a street party for the jubilees and royal weddings, so this was something that came to mind.

“The plan is for anyone who would like to take part to have a picnic at 1pm, play some music and make some crafts before Churchill’s speech is broadcast at 3pm.

“People can be out in their front gardens too and there are lots of old-fashioned crafts you can make online, like hats out of newspaper.

“I think it will really lift the spirits of everyone and be something to look forward too, especially if lockdown is extended that week.”

The early May bank holiday has been moved to May 8 this year to coincide with VE Day.

If you live in St Neots and would like to join Sarah’s group on Facebook then visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1084390848608381/.

The Hunts Post is running a VE Day 75th anniversary special supplement, if you have any old photos or momentoes from the time, get in touch. If you are holding a VE Day Stay at Home party, then don’t forget to send us your photos. Send to: debbie.davies@archant.co.uk or clare.butler@archant.co.uk.