St Neots sister to sacrifice her locks to raise awareness of cancer checks

Alex Deverell.

Alex Deverell. - Credit: Archant

A young woman is urging others to check their breasts regularly after discovering that she had cancer at the age of just 29.

Helen Deverell.

Helen Deverell. - Credit: Archant

Helen Deverell, now 30, of Kipling Place, Eaton Ford, is raising money for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! together with her sister-in-law Alex Deverell - who will shave her head to boost funds.

On Saturday (February 21), Alex, 22, of High Street, Little Paxton will have her long locks chopped off. The big chop will be watched via Skype, as she is currently travelling in New Zealand.

Helen, who is married to Craig, will certainly be watching to support Alex in her effort to top their current fundraising total of £1,500, having smashed the initial target of £500.

Helen, an internal communications manager, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November last year, which she described as a massive shock as she does not have a family history of the disease.

She underwent a lumpectomy and is currently having chemotherapy. Her course of treatment will later involve radiotherapy.

“Within the first few weeks of diagnosis I was saying I was nervous I might lose my hair and Alex was saying if I did she would shave hers off as well,” said Helen.

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“It has just been incredible really – it is very touching that she is doing it. To lose your hair is such a big part of being a woman.

“It is such a huge thing for her to do – I’m very appreciative.”

Now, she is calling on other young women to be aware of their bodies and seek medical help if they have any concerns.

She said: “CoppaFeel! do a lot of great work about raising awareness for women in their 20s to make sure they do check their breasts regularly.

“I think there is this sense that you are too young if you don’t have a family history of breast cancer. It can happen in your 20s and the earlier you catch it the better the prognosis.

“I have tried to be really positive – it is not always easy but I have been given a good prognosis. As much as it is a very dark time it is also a time that you feel the most love from other people.” INFORMATION: To donate, go to