Residents have become frustrated with the state of the roads close to the Charles Church building site on the Loves Farm estate, St Neots.

Construction debris and mud have been left in the area, raising safety concerns among neighbours.

Ben Lloyd, a 38-year-old head of marketing from nearby Lannesbury Crescent, said on Friday that he had noticed the problem over the previous three or four days.

He said: "The state of the roads and the filth left by builders is just not good enough.

"I want to live in a nice area - it's a nice housing estate and a nice environment, it's a shame that someone is not being respectful of that."

The construction team have now assured residents that they intend to sweep the area regularly, especially when there is inclement weather.

Leigh Wagg, the construction manager responsible for the development, said: "We had a road sweeper out on Friday and again today. As of tomorrow we will have a mechanical sweep facility on the development to enable the site manager to arrange for the area to be swept regularly throughout the working day, particularly in wet weather."