St Neots Prisoner of War tale revealed in new book

A “REMARKABLE” tale of a Prisoner of War from Germany who came to St Neots after being caught by the Allies during the Second World War has been revealed in a new book.

Huntingdonshire history author John Slack could not believe his luck when he met Heinz Kummer in a chance meeting in St Neots.

When they got talking, he discovered the Dresden-born 85-year-old had been a former soldier.

But having lived in Poland and joined Hitler's Army when he was just 16 to fight in Germany's war of expansion, he was captured approximately 10 weeks after D-Day by the Canadian forces.

His capture meant he was taken to Britain and imprisoned in several locations such as Doncaster, Sheffield and, finally, in St Neots.

He was released in 1948 and went onto spend the rest of his days in the area, living near Great Staughton and today residing in Eaton Socon.

Mr Slack, 71, of Field Cottage Road, Eaton Socon, who has written several local history books including one on Eaton Socon cricket club, said: "When the publisher read this, he just said: 'Wow.'"

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"I just happened to come across him. I noticed he had a German accent and we got talking.

"I am very proud of this book. It charts his life from the day he was born to today and the story he has come out with is amazing. He has a very sharp memory and it is a remarkable tale."