Over 300 runners lace up their boots for virtual event in St Neots

Carrie and Pierce Anderson, who took part in the run. 

Carrie and Pierce Anderson, who took part in the run. - Credit: Tracy Keefe

A St Neots primary school organised a virtual running event over the May bank holiday weekend.  

Priory Junior School’s PTA held the event from May 1-3. 

The event attracted entries from 375 runners, many of whom were children, parents and staff at the school, the furthest entry came from a family in the US. 

There were two running challenges to choose from, a 3km fun run for all children and adults, and a 10k challenge for adults only. 

Jo O’Regan, from St Neots, is a local Riverside Runner, who has represented Great Britain and he took part in the event.

 Ray, Sarah, Eva and Charlie Wyer,

Ray, Sarah, Eva and Charlie Wyer who also took part in the run. - Credit: Tracy Keefe

Runners were able to take on the challenges by running in their favourite places, and at a time of their choice over the weekend.  

Many chose to wear the unique Great Priory Run T-shirt too – with ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ emblazoned across the back – reminding all of their personal achievements in taking part. 

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The event launched in January, giving the school community a goal to focus on during the winter lockdown.

The enjoyment of running has a high profile within the school and while they could not hold the usual cross-country championships, this event was chosen as an alternative to allow those of all ages to get involved. 

Tracy Keefe, headteacher at the school, said: “Collectively everybody ran about 1,725 km, which is an incredible amount and we are really proud of everyone who took part.

"This was our way of raising everybody’s spirits in the lockdown and encouraging everyone to enjoy the fresh air and exercise.  

“It gave the school community a sense of pride and achievement, which was brilliant to see.  Well done to everyone who took part – they were amazing. We are very grateful for the incredible fund-raising too.

“We thought it was great also that a family all the way from Minneapolis in America also joined the run.” 

All runners from Priory Junior School will now receive a unique medal for their achievement.