Covid Diaries: 'Sometimes I just hit breaking point' mum shares her struggles

Vicky Goif, with her family 

Vicky Goif, with her family - Credit: Vicky Goif

A St Neots mum has shared her struggles through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown as she juggled home-schooling whilst training to be a midwife. 

Vicky Goif, 25, from Great Paxton, is a student at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), training for her degree in midwifery. 

Vicky, previously a student at Cambridge Regional College (CRC) has praised both CRC and ARU for their ongoing support.  

Vicky mentioned a particular tutor called Iris Delgado Rosas at CRC who she says was one of her "life-lines". 

 “The amount of times during lockdown that I had a one-to-one video call with my psychology tutor, who was also my personal tutor, Iris and I would just cry on the video call with her," she says.   

“I sometimes would completely hit breaking point and she would just sit there and listen and that is sometimes all you need, is just someone to be present with you.” 

Vicky says although she went through a tough time, she knows there are many people in a worse situation.  

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She is thankful that she has a husband who was able to home school the children, between May and August 2020 when she was training at Addenbrooke's Hospital five days a week serving as a rapid response worker. 

She knew people at that time on her course who really struggled as single parents.

“There was actually a girl on my course at CRC who lived in a flat in the middle of Cambridge, with two small children, who was a single mum and she was struggling a lot. 

“She only got one daily walk and she was completely isolated from the world, she struggled mentally. 

“There are so many people out there who are in a really tough situation and I honestly don’t know how they got through, because it is absolutely devastating. 

“A lot of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families, so it does put into perspective how privileged we are.” 

Vicky said she takes her hat off to single parents, to people who have lost their jobs and to people who continued their courses, who may not have much support.

She now has a training placement at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, but due to the lockdown this has been postponed. 

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