St Neots mum organising Southend car cruise in memory of her son and ‘gentle giant’

THE mother of a young salesman who died on his way home is organising a car cruise to Southend to mark the first anniversary of his death.

Sandra Clark received a text from her son, Scott, shortly before 1.40pm on June 13 last year.

It said he would be home soon, but he never arrived.

Scott, 23, had been visiting a friend and his manager in Huntingdon and was driving back to his home in Loves Farm, St Neots, when he crashed into a tractor on Offord Road, close to Offord Cluny.

An inquest into Scott’s death last month heard that as he tried to overtake a tractor, which was cutting grass at the side of the road, he swerved – either to avoid hitting the verge or a cyclist. Scott was killed in the crash.

Mrs Clark told The Hunts Post: “We never said goodbye to each other. It was always see you later. Before he left for Huntingdon in the morning he gave me a big smile and said ‘love you for a lifetime’.

“He was an experienced driver, having driven cars and motorbikes before. He wasn’t on the phone when he crashed – I know because I checked the phone records – and he wasn’t speeding.

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“He was a sensible driver and always wore a seatbelt and would tell me off if I didn’t wear mine, even when I was just popping to the shops around the corner.”

Mrs Clark along with his father Paul and sister Paige, 18, have had Scott’s name tattooed onto their wrists and wear a locket containing his ashes. Mrs Clark also has a tattoo on her back of one of Scott’s favourite sayings ‘Life’s a game, so play’.

“I have lost my son, my daughter has lost her brother and Scott’s friends have lost their gentle giant -– that’s what he was really. He had so much ahead of him. He would do anything for anyone. He was an agony uncle for his friends.

“When his sister was in labour, Scott stayed at the hospital for hours making sure his sister and the baby were safe. And when she had to go for an emergency Caesarean, Scott was allowed in the delivery room which is rare for brothers to be let in.”

Mrs Clark added that Scott loved going on car cruises to Southend with his friends, which is why she is organising the event later this year.

However, there are still many questions about Scott’s death that Mrs Clark believes need to be answered.

Mrs Clark said she feels she doesn’t know the full circumstances surrounding her son’s death and blames the police.

She is still awaiting the result of a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation into the number and citing of signs warning about the grass cutting.

“There were three people who know what happened, my son, the tractor driver and the cyclist – but we won’t know what actually happened until the cyclist steps forward.

“The police failed in their investigation because they let this witness, and others, leave the scene without taking statements.”

A police spokesman said: “We have received no official complaint about the way the incident was dealt with.

“Our sympathies are with the family and we will be making contact with them to discuss any concerns they may have.”