Men's mental health group expands in St Neots

Luke Newman's sister Heidi Melrose and Luke Newman, founder of ‘For Men To Talk’

Luke Newman's sister Heidi Melrose and Luke Newman, founder of ‘For Men To Talk’ - Credit: Luke Newman

A men’s mental health group is expanding in St Neots by holding new sessions at St Neots Golf Club.  

On Tuesday August 10, from 6pm to 9pm, ‘For Men To Talk’ will be hosting a face-to-face session to give men the chance to talk.  

Luke Newman, who formed ‘For Men To Talk’ in December 2019 will be holding the session to get men talking about their anxiety, depression and grief. 

Luke had planned to expand the group to St. Neots, but plans were delayed at the end of March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and further restrictions.  

Meetings were moved to every Wednesday virtually via Zoom, the virtual conference website, and they will still continue. 

Luke said: “The meetings are very informal. There are no experts on hand.  

“But leaflets and contact numbers for professional groups, such as the Samaritans, MIND and CALM are available in an Information Corner for those men who recognise that they may need further help.” 

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The inspiration behind the group being set up, was Mr Newman himself has suffered with depression. 

He he first started suffering from depression after his mother Jen Newman died aged 54 in 2005 and continued after his sister Heidi Melrose died aged 44 in 2015. 

"I have struggled, but I feel very fortunate that I have always been able to open up and talk to not only family and friends, but strangers in the street.

"I know that people, especially men struggle with that.  

“We need to be more open about our mental health.

"I have been busy during lockdowns, our virtual meetings are going from strength and ‘For Men To Talk’ is now a Community Interest Company."

Justin Leigh has also been holding a series of walks around Paxton Pits called ‘Walk&Talk4men’ and members meet up at Paxton Pits in St Neots. 

The inspiration came from Luke Newman’s ‘For Men To Talk’ group.  

Luke has previously joined Justin and members on their walks at Paxton Pits. 

To find out more about 'Walk&Talk4men' visit their website at:

‘For Men To Talk’ can be found on their website and social media channels. Luke is also available for any questions on 07709 446480.