Crumbling path at Eaton Socon man’s home will be repaired after two-year wait

The path outside Mr Cooper's Dukes Road home

The path outside Mr Cooper's Dukes Road home - Credit: Archant

An Eaton Soon man who is registered disabled has been waiting for more than two years for council officials to repair the path outside his home.

Lee Cooper, from Dukes Road, who walks with crutches and sometimes uses a wheelchair, says he is terrified he is going to trip on a large area of broken tarmac at the back of his home.

Mr Cooper, who has undergone two spinal surgeries and suffers with chronic pain, first complained to the highways department at Cambridgeshire County Council in May 2017.

He wrote outlining the problem and included photographs and received a reply a few weeks later informing him someone would inspect the site.

He then received notification in February 2018 that the work would be carried out "in the next financial year".

Since then, the council has completed a second site visit during which white markers were sprayed around the damaged area, but, more than two years later, nothing has been done.

Eaton Socon town councillor, Derek Giles, has also been involved, but has still not received a reply to an e-mail sent in June.

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"We have lived here for 29 years and the paths and roads have never been resurfaced," explained Mr Cooper.

"Neighbours who have been here since the houses were built in the seventies, can't remember any repairs being carried out.

"It has now got past the stage of patching the damage up. There are lots of loose chips and when it rains they just end up being washed down the drain. I have nearly slipped a couple of times and it dangerous, not just for me, but for anyone who is unsteady on their feet or anyone with a pushchair or riding a scooter."

Mr Cooper describes the "unacceptably" long wait as "disgraceful" and says the county council "should be ashamed for allowing the situation to drift on for so long" and for failing to keep him and Cllr Giles informed, despite many e-mails.

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said on Tuesday: "We're aware of the complaint by Mr Cooper, we did advise him some work would be carried out last year but it appears this hasn't happened. We have contacted Mr Cooper and apologised to him, we are looking into how this happened and where the error occurred. In the meantime, we will ensure the work is completed next month."