St Neots man is brewed up about beer

A ST NEOTS man has combined two of his passions to produce a new book – on lager.

Beer connoisseur Ted Bruning has written books on London pubs and the art of home brewing, and is working on a guide for cider lovers.

But in his latest release, Lager: The Story of the World’s Favourite Beer, he turns his attention to the much-maligned cousin of real ale.

“The book explores the history of lager, from its roots in Bohemia to the present day,” he said. “Ninety-five per cent of all beer drunk in the world today qualifies, albeit loosely, as lager. But less than 200 years ago it was a minority beer.”

The Eynesbury resident, who produces the monthly St Neots magazine Lovely Moon, was approached by the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) 10 years ago to write a history of lager.

The idea was then scrapped, with Mr Bruning having completed the manuscript.

“I recently came across the copy and decided to bring it up to date, add a few things in and get it self-published,” he said.

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It was then he discovered Gamlingay publishers Authors Online, run by St Neots Players member Richard Fitt, who published the book on his behalf.

Mr Bruning listed floral aromas, a soft body, a not overly-bitter taste and a full five per cent alcohol as the main attributes of a perfect pint of lager.

And as for his top five lagers he would recommend?

Well, many may not appear on your average supermarket shelf, but Mr Bruning is adamant they far surpass the quality of those brewed in the UK.

INFORMATION: Ted Bruning’s Lager: The Story of the World’s Favourite Beer can be purchased online as an e-book from or from priced �3.49.