A life coach from St Neots has launched an online course to help support people through the painful journey of grief.

Julia Sinclair-Brown, who runs Evolvida, is encouraging people not to suffer in silence if they are struggling after losing a loved one.

‘Coping with grief: A Survival Kit’ is an online guide broken down into five key sections, each with short, bite-size videos accompanied by tools and techniques.

Julia said: “It can offer you the companionship and understanding that you are seeking in a safe, supportive and loving way – no judgement, no meaningless platitudes, just acceptance and belief that you will find your own way through grief.”

One client who has already used the course to help her, Clelia Rinaldi, said: “I’ve experienced grief several times in my life, and I know this story will always repeat as it’s part of our journey.

“However every time it happens, it creates that same turmoil, that desolation and incapability to deal with my emotions.

“This course’s been an oasis in my desert! It brings a very well-designed structure that made me face and understand my grief through a deeper and liberating perspective.

“It’s very comforting and compassionate the way Julia talks about grief - it makes me trust her and feel her company as my process unfolds. Try it!”

Julia is also offering a launch discount package exclusively for readers of The Hunts Post.

Visit https://www.evolvida.co.uk/life-after-loss and quote LAUNCH50.