St Neots girl set to finish 46 mile cycle challenge this weekend

Isla Hastings, 7 years old from St Neots is to complete 46 mile challenge this Saturday March 20. 

Isla Hastings, 7 years old from St Neots is to complete 46 mile challenge this Saturday March 20. - Credit: Nadine Hastings

A St Neots girl is set to finish a 46- mile challenge this weekend to raise money for the hospital that has cared for her since birth. 

Isla Hastings, aged seven, from Loves Farm, suffers from a condition called Freeman Sheldon Syndrome.   

She has raised a whopping £8,600 so far for Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, who have cared for her since birth, and she did this by cycling.  

This Saturday (March 20), Isla will complete her last mile at 11:30am at Pocket Park, in St Neots, and she will be joined by Black Cat breakfast presenter Ste Greenall.  

 Isla’s mum, Nadine, said: “It has been hard on her physically, the tiredness, the achy legs, we have had to do this challenge in small chunks.  

“But slow and steady wins the race, I actually didn’t think she would be done this quickly and it has just been so good for her. 

“The support that she has had is just phenomenal, Hotel Chocolat have donated an Easter Egg for us to raffle off to raise more money.  

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“People always stop her when she is out cycling and ask her how many miles she has done and how much she has raised.

“One guy contacted me out of the blue, he is the takeaway delivery driver and he said he has been saving all his tips for Isla and he is going to give those to Isla, which is just so lovely.” 

Isla is one of only 500 people in the world who have the condition and she also has arthrogryposis and scoliosis.     

Ste told The Hunts Post he was looking forward to cycling the last mile with Isla on Saturday.

He said: “When Nadine first contacted me and asked if I would read something out, I said we can do one better than that, why don’t you come on the radio and then we can have a chat.  

“At the time they had set a target of £500 and the fact that they have nearly raised nearly £8,600 is just amazing."

The mayor of St Neots, Cllr Stephen Ferguson is going to present Isla with a medal after she has completed her last mile on Saturday.

If you would like to donate, visit: