St Neots friends take on the Scumrun... with SuBo

TWO amigos from St Neots are hoping to drive Susan Boyle 3,000 miles across Europe in the name of charity.

TWO amigos from St Neots are hoping to drive Susan Boyle 3,000 miles across Europe in the name of charity.

But the Britain’s Got Talent star is not being kidnapped by Nick Hall and Dev Sales – that is just what the pair have christened the car they will use in the Scumrun Rally 2011.

Dressed as Mexican banditos, complete with sombreros and ponchos, the two friends have to cover a five-day route across Europe – the only catch is that their car cannot cost more than �500.

Nick and Dev scoured eBay for bargains, eventually settling on a �360 BMW 530i named Susan – so-called after the two found the Scottish singer’s album in the CD player on the journey home.

Nick, a construction company director from Mill Hill Road, St Neots, and Dev, a carpenter from Tempsford, hope to raise �500 for Dreams Come True, a charity that helps terminally ill children.

The 120 teams set off on April 28 from Brands Hatch, where they will drive a lap of the track, check out their opposition and have their cars decked out in official Scumrun livery.

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Then it is on to the 3am ferry to Calais, where the racers will discover their route across Europe.

“We were reading about someone doing last year’s race, and we thought it would be good fun to do it ourselves,” said Nick, 41.

“It was all done on the spur of the moment but it’s for a good cause.

“As for dressing up as Mexicans, I’m not really sure why we chose that. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I guess now we’re stuck with it.”

In past years the Scumrun has ended at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, where Scumrunners have had the chance to race on the historic track.

“It’s only when we get to Calais that we’ll find out where we’re going. Until then we’ll have no idea – we could be going anywhere,” said Nick.

“There’s a rumour that it’ll be the Nurburgring again this year, but it’s not confirmed until we actually start the rally.”

While looking forward to the race, the pair know that their biggest challenge on the road will be mechanical failure – and with a �360 car from eBay that could be a question of when, not if.

“The main rules are that you can’t pay more than �500 for the vehicle, and that the teams have to fit in their own vehicle,” said Nick.

“So we’ve got a bit of space in the back, but there could be teams of 16 people in a minibus – we just don’t know who we’re racing against.”

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