This week’s Looking Back photograph has been sent in from Ian Delamore, from Huntingdon.

The photo was taken for the 1905-1906 season of St Neots Wesleyan Football Club showing the winners and finalists of Fellowes Junior and Senior Cup.

Mr Delamore bought this photo from a Huntingdon Bureau, about 20 years ago and recognised some of the surnames of the football players printed underneath the photo.

The surnames that he recognised were H Goodman, W Carter, H Twigden and R.T Hinsby.

Mr Delamore went to Huntingdon school with a man called John Hinsby and wondered if he might be related to R.T Hinsby.

He has encouraged anyone who might know the people in this photo, to get in touch with Hunts Post.

If you have a Looking Back photo to submit for the feature, contact: