Family marking Patrick Kenny's memory by walking 350 miles

Pat Kenny took his own life in February 2020

Pat Kenny took his own life in February 2020 - Credit: Nicola Kenny

Patrick Kenny’s family are marking his memory by walking 350 miles which is the length of Glasgow to St Neots. 

Patrick died in February last year after taking his own life and his family now want to raise money for Hector’s House.  

Hector’s House is a suicide prevention and mental health awareness charity.

Speaking to ITV Anglia, Pat Kenny’s sister-in-law Cindy Downey said: “It was absolutely devastating for the family and this is not the first time this has happened for the family unfortunately.  

Patrick Kenny's family are walking for him in his memory 

Patrick Kenny's family are walking for him in his memory - Credit: Nicola Kenny

“Pat lost his father, his grandfather and his uncle all to suicide, so it was just terrible memories brought back for them on top.  

“It was more trauma added to them.” 

The walk will take place next year and the family will be spending the winter months training for the hike.  

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Speaking to ITV Anglia George Downey, Patrick Kenny’s brother said: “We will be starting the walk at Patrick’s old house in Glasgow which is next door to the house that our grandfather took his own life in 1980. 

“We will then head to the hospital that Pat was born, but on the way we will pass my dad’s house where he took his own life in 2010. 

“Then on the way out of Glasgow we will pass the house that my uncle took his own life in 2002. 

“Then we will be heading south to finish at the bridge in St Neots.” 

Speaking to ITV Anglia, a spokesman for Hector’s House said: “We are a tiny charity, every penny that people fundraise we are still so intentional about how that’s used.  

“For example supporting someone at crisis point, so making sure they are getting the correct help."

A just giving page has been set up to raise money for Patrick Kenny, so far £650 has been raised out of a £3,500 target. 

If you would like to donate please visit: 

A Facebook page has also been set up visit: