St Neots family of leukaemia patient stunned by anonymous �5,000 donation to help refurbish home

A HUNTS Post reader has left the family of a leukaemia patient “speechless” after donating �5,000 to help them refurbish their home.

Last week we appealed for our readers to help Kylee Stone, 30, renovate the ground floor of their house in Howitt’s Gardens, Eynesbury ... and you responded with amazing generosity.

As well as people offering services to the family, one retired St Neots man contacted the newspaper and arranged for �5,000 to be transferred via The Hunts Post to the family – who will now be able to install a new kitchen.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was looking at investing the money but said it would be put to much better use by the Stone family.

As well as the anonymous donor, Luminus employee Aaron Norris has offered his services as a tradesman, and a third person has also come forward and is talking to Mrs Stone to see how she can help.

Damian Stone had just started the refurbishment work when he was taken to hospital and later diagnosed with leukaemia.

Because of his treatment, Mr Stone, 33, may be unable to work for up to three years, so his friends and family have secretly stepped in to refurbish his home in time for his release from hospital in about two weeks.

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And they appealed for help from the people of St Neots. Mrs Stone said: “It’s amazing. I can’t believe people’s generosity – it’s unbelievable. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped out.

“I got the news as Damian was having a camera stuck down his throat and after he had a lumbar puncture. Although he still doesn’t know, he would be so pleased and it would lift his spirits – like it has done for me.

“Last week we decided that as we have started on part of the ground floor, it would be a shame not to do something to the kitchen, so we started to rip it out.

“I thought we would just replace the cabinets and do a half job but now, thanks to this man, we are able to do a complete job. There is still money left over to help with other parts of the house.”

The donor told The Hunts Post: “I was going to invest the money but then I saw the story and it just seemed to me to be a worthy cause to help out.

“It is truly inspirational to read of what his friends are doing for him. I have neither the experience or agility to help with the work nor can I help supply the materials needed so I thought I’d donate some money that can pay for a new kitchen.”

Mrs Stone added: “We have nearly everything in place now, we just need to get it done, although the plan could be delayed after the boiling system was condemned and we’re not quite sure if we need a new system or a new boiler, which has already been donated.”

In a twist of fate, the group is under increased pressure to finish the job after Mrs Stone was told her husband has responded well to his first course of chemotherapy and could be home in two weeks – a week earlier than doctors originally estimated.

On Sunday the family was brought together for the first time in five weeks as their daughters Bobbie, five, and Eryn, three, were also allowed to see their father.