St Neots dad offers bone marrow donation following appeal for James

A FATHER of two has registered as a potential bone marrow donor after reading about the appeal for one-year-old James Dowers in last week’s Hunts Post.

Samuel Heatlie, 26 of Heath Road, St Neots was so moved by James’ story he signed up as a potential donor with the Anthony Nolan Trust. James, who lives with parents Emma and Chris in St Ives, has an unknown condition which has left with breathing problems and constantly at risk of suffering from infections. His only hope is a bone marrow transplant, but doctors have so far struggled to find a match.

Mr Heatlie lost his unborn son Shia in 2009 and was keen to help other families with sick children.

“My wife and I, neither of us, would want anybody to go through the hurt and pain we went through. Our first baby was very poorly and had to be treated at the Special Care Baby Unit and we lost our middle child.

“Bone marrow donation probably will hurt but they put you under, and the pain you feel would be worth feeling if it saves somebody else the pain of losing a child.”

Mr Heatlie also regularly donates blood and platelets. He said: “Registering with the Anthony Nolan Trust was quick and easy. I won’t hear from them again until after they have processed my application.”

INFORMATION: TO find out more about the Anthony Nolan Trust go to To join donors must be aged 18 to 40 and living in the UK.