Coronavirus: Urgent appeal for community volunteers to support those in isolation

A community group set up in St Neots to support people in isolation needs more volunteers

A community group set up in St Neots to support people in isolation needs more volunteers - Credit: Archant

A community group has been set up in St Neots to support people through the COVID-19 crisis and it needs your help.

The volunteers will be able to help those in isolation and without access to support and can support people with essential shopping, prescriptions, a friendly phone call and posting letters.

James Goodman, one of the St Neots Community Volunteer support team, said: “If you are in need of support from St. Neots Community Volunteers throughout COVID-19 please reach out to us via email; or via phone on 0333 335 5344.

“The phone will be manned by volunteers 8am-8pm every day. Volunteers will ask you for your name, address, phone number and what your needs are and then work to connect you to a local volunteer who can offer this support.”

Mr Goodman says if you are self-isolating but have a family member, friend or neighbour who can support you and run essential errands you should continue to use their support to enable the volunteers to support those in most need. If you have been receiving support but your situation changes the group will be able to help.

Mr Goodman added: “We can’t do this alone. In order to meet the needs of our community during this pandemic we need volunteers urgently. If you can spare even just a couple of hours to do any of the following - collect food, post letters and prescriptions for those in need, organising and coordinating volunteers to meet the need, making telephone calls to those isolated who may be lonely or need support. Then please get in touch.”

“Any of the above will make a vital difference to our local community and will be helping those in need. If you would like to volunteer to make a difference please get in touch by emailing with the following information: name, address, postcode, phone number, availability. We encourage a minimum of two days non-volunteering a week.”

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For further information contact: 0333 335 5344 or email:

Further information about St Neots Community Volunteers: This group was set up by residents of St Neots and is registered with Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council and working with the Huntingdonshire Volunteer forum.