St Neots Community College is out of special measures

ST Neots Community College has been taken out of special measures.

The school impressed Ofsted officers at an inspection on Wednesday and Thursday (March 9-10) with the improvements which have taken place, achieving an overall rating of satisfactory.

The achievement - which also saw the school judged to be good and outstanding in some areas of its work - was the culmination of two years of hard work, the implementation of improvement measures and close monitoring of students’ progress, the school said.

Executive Principal Robert Whatmough said: “Students and staff went a long way to showing the college at its best. For example, students’ behaviour in class and at breaks and lunchtimes was considered a significant strength. We have been told that it will be rated good.

“The quality of teaching was also recognised as good.

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“We know we still have much to do before St Neots Community College is as effective as we can make it. However, the lifting of special measures restores pride in our work and offers huge encouragement to secure further improvement.”

The official Ofsted report is expected in about a week’s time.

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Mr Whatmough added: “We wish to thank everyone – students, staff, county advisers, staff from Longsands and governors – who contributed to the inspection process and its outcome. This is an important milestone in our history.”

Scott Preston, college director, said: “We are delighted to receive endorsement of the progress the college has made. We have put great effort into ensuring improvements in learning and teaching. These are starting to pay off in better results.”

The school added that the full report will be copied to students and parents but is expected to give St Neots Community College ratings of good or outstanding in more than half the categories, and said that no area was considered unsatisfactory.

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