St Neots burglar caught after his ID card was found near crime scene

A BURGLAR caught after his identity card was found near the shop he had broken into faces jail.

The manager of One Stop in Eaton Ford noticed that someone had tried to break into one of the store buildings at the back of the St Neots Road shop through its wooden roof on May 3.

The roof was repaired but at 2.30am the following morning the alarm was activated when Scott Mobbs managed to break into the shop.

Cambridgeshire police were alerted by the automatic alarm and, when officers arrived, they heard voices and clinking. When they inspected the roof of the storage unit and the car park, around �360 worth of items were discovered.

Two backpacks were found in the vicinity, one containing gloves, balaclavas, tools, alcohol, milk and bread. The other contained tracksuits and a jacket, with Mobbs’s ID in it.

He was arrested and gave a “no comment” interview, but his accomplice Thomas Staughton, although at first not helping, said Mobbs had contacted him and asked him to take part.

Staughton said he had been on the roof with Mobbs passing him items.

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The court was told Staughton was cautioned by the police.

Julian Hopley, in mitigation, said: “I think my jaw dropped as low as the defendant when I heard that the accomplice got a caution. It wasn’t pre-planned. The truth of the matter is my client was called by Staughton asking him to go on this kind of jaunt while he was with his girlfriend.

“That is why he had he had the tracksuits in a bag and in it, while it was not a passport, it was as good as one.”

On Thursday (October 25) Mobbs, 21, of The Crescent, St Neots, admitted burglary and theft of �426.34 of items. Huntingdonshire magistrates adjourned the case until November 15, for an all options report, including committal to Crown Court for sentencing.