Six-year-old St Neots boy is set to complete a summer challenge to raise money for Parkinson’s UK

Freddy Paine is raising money for Parkinson's UK

Freddy Paine is raising money for Parkinson's UK PICTURE: Adam Paine - Credit: Adam Paine

Freddy has raised £80 so far for Parkinson’s UK and he aims to raise £250.

A six-year-old boy from St Neots is raising money for Parkinson’s UK and is set to complete a ‘summer challenge’ of 150 km of exercise over the next month.

Freddie Paine, from Eaton Ford, plans to cycle at least 100km and the rest will be made up from cycling and walking.

He is raising money for Parkinson’s UK as his 83-year-old granny Jean suffers from the condition and his nanny May, who has now passed away, also suffered from it.

Freddie has raised £80 so far for Parkinson’s UK on his Go Fund me page and has set a target of £250.

Freddie dad’s Adam said: “Freddie has been getting physically and mentally stronger since lock-down and has asked for a summer challenge which can make a difference.”

Adam and Freddie were interviewed on Black Cat Radio by Ste Greenall and Adam told Ste: “It all started when we started biking to and from school and it’s two miles each way, he was happy, getting exercise and getting out and about.

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“But now it is the summer holidays, he knew he would probably stop biking that far, so we sat down one evening and asked what can we do to continue to keep fit over the summer holidays.

“He is a very thoughtful little boy, so we came up with a cycling challenge, fundraising to raise money for a very good charity and help people along the way.

Adam said that they live in Eaton Ford and his school is in Eaton Socon, and explained that it is a reasonable journey for a young boy to do.

Freddie prefers biking to walking, so Adam expects that he will complete most of the challenge on his bike.

Adam estimates that Freddie will complete roughly five to 10 km a day throughout August and they will document the challenge throughout August.

Freddie told Ste that he has made a start and completed 15 km already and that he is a keen fisherman.

Freddie said: “Daddy told me about fishing and I wanted to start to do it, I have caught an eight-pound fish before.”

To donate visit Freddie’s Go Fund me page at: