Baby’s funeral delayed to allow for further “specialist examinations”

Lawrence Court, Huntingdon,

Lawrence Court, Huntingdon, - Credit: Archant

The funeral of Teddie Mitchell who died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital earlier this month will not take place for several months, an inquest heard this morning (Thursday).

The hearing at Lawrence Court, in Huntingdon, was told that Teddie Mitchell's body cannot be released as there are a "number of specialist examinations" which still need to be carried out.

Teddie, aged 12 weeks, died at Addenbrooke's Hospital on November 11 after sustaining injuries on November 1.

Two people, a man and a woman, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and will answer police bail on November 28.

Senior coroner David Heming said: "A number of specialist examinations still need to be completed concerning the tragic death of Teddie. These will take a number of months to complete, and in light of that, I suspend this inquest pending the outcome of those investigations."

Mr Heming explained that Teddie's body could not be released for burial until all the investigations and scans had been completed.

Sally Lewis, representing Teddie's family, said she would contact the family to ask if they wanted a second post-mortem examination.