St Neots anti-social drivers could have cars crushed, warn police

Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire Police - Credit: Archant

Speeding motorists who use a St Neots car park as a “racetrack” have been warned they face having their cars crushed if they continue with the anti-social behaviour.

Drivers regularly gather at the Riverside Car Park where they drive aggressively, play loud music and rev their engines until late into the night, disturbing those who live nearby.

The area has been a hotspot for anti-social drivers for years – a problem which was solved by the installation of rising bollards at the entrance to the car park. But the bollards have been broken for over a year and the drivers have returned.

At a meeting of Huntingdonshire District Council tonight (Wednesday), Councillor Derek Giles will ask HDC when it plans to repair or replace the bollards and if it’s aware of the amount of disturbance caused by “young motorists using the car park until the early hours of the morning as a racetrack and display arena to demonstrate and show off their vehicles?”

Roger Howard, 63, of The Paddock, Eaton Ford, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years, said he has seen the problem develop.

He said: “There are big groups of cars with all of their windows open playing music really loudly and there is lots of screaming and shouting. It can disturb you if you are not that tired and are trying to get to sleep.

“We have lived here for over 20 years – it’s been worse than what is going on at the moment.”

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Robin Humphreys, 65, of nearby St Neots Road, said two vehicles parked just outside his house were written off due after being damage by a speeding driver.

He added: “I have been disturbed at night by drivers going 80mph along the road. It’s been going on for 20, 25, even 30 years. It used to be really bad, but it’s still a problem.”

Police and HDC said they have put up posters in the affected areas, telling drivers that they can be issued with a warning which, if ignored, could lead to their cars being confiscated or destroyed.

Pc Aaron Murphy said: “We will not tolerate driving that causes so much disturbance and concern for local people and we will use all the powers at our disposal to prevent it. We have produced these posters so the drivers know we will take action and could have their vehicles confiscated or destroyed if they do ignore a warning from us.”

If the problem is not resolved, police can also apply for a dispersal order which allows officers to order anyone committing an offence to leave the area and not return for 24 hours. If they refuse to leave or return within that time, they could be arrested.

INFORMATION: Anyone with information about anti-social driving should call police on 101.