St Ives' woman taking on mammoth fundraising effort

Jess Rosewell is walking 10K to raise money for The Sickle Cell Society

Jess Rosewell is walking 10K to raise money for The Sickle Cell Society - Credit: Jess Rosewell

A woman from St Ives is walking 10K every day in March to raise money for the Sickle Cell Society 

Jess Rosewell, 45, from St Ives,  also wants to raise awareness about the blood disorder charity.  

The Sickle Cell Society is the only national charity in the UK that supports and represents people affected by a sickle cell disorder to improve their overall quality of life.  

Jess has completed a whopping 247.8 km so far and has raised £657 on her Just Giving Page.  

“I wanted to raise money for this charity as I carry the sickle cell gene, also a person in my family has the disease," she explained.

“The weather hasn’t been particularly good at the moment and I have come in some nights with my boots drenched.  

“I am walking on average 11.6 km every day and it takes me on average two hours to complete.  

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“My fitness has really improved since doing this and it feels good to get out there and do the exercise and raise this money.  

First set up as a registered charity in 1979, the Sickle Cell Society has been working alongside health care professionals, parents, and people living with sickle cell  disease to raise awareness of the disorder. 

The society's aim is to support those living with sickle cell, empowering them to achieve their full potential. 

Jess has been documenting her walks with pictures and tends to do the same route and keeps under street lights, due to walking at night.  

 “I like a power walk and when I get back from the walk, I am quite hyperactive, as it has really energized me,," she said.

“I started the walk on February 16 and hope to complete my target at the end of March.  

“I also hope I can raise more money for the charity, it is something that is very close to my heart. 

“Many charities are suffering at the moment, so anything we can do in any way would help them out.” 

Jess is a member of the Sickle Cell Society, if you would like to donate visit: