St Ives Town Hall overwhelmed by support from residents donating to Ukraine

The Mayor of St Ives, Pasco Hussain, and Emma Egginton with donated items at the St Ives Town Hall.

The Mayor of St Ives, Pasco Hussain, and Emma Egginton with donated items collected at the St Ives Town Hall for Ukraine. - Credit: Hunts Post

St Ives Town Hall has put a pause on collecting donations for Ukraine due to the overwhelming support from residents.

St Ives Town Hall was set up as a collection centre for people to donate aid and items for Ukraine, but they are currently receiving more items than they can transport.

Since Thursday last week, three to four car fulls of goods have already been sent to St Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Peterborough, to go to the Polish/Ukraine border.

More than 50 people have visited to donate essential items, including first aid products, hygiene products, children's toys, and batteries. 

Admin assistant of the Town Hall, Emma Egginton, who organised the collections, said: "I put forward to the clerk and the town mayor last week about collecting donations for Ukraine as this actually meant a lot to me. I asked if we could collect donations, and they were fully supportive of me."

St Ives Mayor Cllr Pasco Hussain added: "We’re overwhelmed with the support that our residents have shown. 

"It’s heartbreaking what's going on in Ukraine right now, and we want to do as much as we can to help and support the Ukrainian people."

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If anyone wants to volunteer to take donations to Peterborough from the Town Hall, contact: 01480 884327.