St Ives skateboarder broke wrist to avoid toddler

A TEENAGE skateboarder broke his wrist on Saturday, trying to avoid a toddler on a St Ives skate ramp.

Jordan Lath, 16, jumped from his board mid-way through a manoeuvre to avoid hitting the youngster and causing potentially life-threatening injuries.

Jordan’s mum, Lynn Biddle, told The Hunts Post her son said the child was being taught to ride a bike by his parents at the ramps at Hill Rise Park.

She said: “Jordan and his friends had politely asked the couple if they could take their child off the ramp but the parents’ attitude was they could do whatever they liked.

“A skate ramp is a very dangerous place for a child, with skateboards, scooters and even BMX bikes.”

She said the child wandered off but when Jordan was coming down the ramp he saw the child in front of him.

Mrs Biddle, 42, of Green Leys, St Ives, said: “If Jordan hadn’t done something he would have landed on that child – it probably would have killed him. Jordan fell and broke his wrist, the parents just picked their child up and left very quickly; they didn’t give a monkey’s about Jordan.”

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Jordan’s friends called Mrs Biddle who took him straight to A&E at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

She said: “I could see straight away that it was broken, from the colour and the shape of his wrist. He was very shaken up. I have never seen him so pale. He is very annoyed about the whole thing too because this is an accident that shouldn’t have happened.”

As well being in plaster until at least mid-May, Jordan will miss out on the opportunity to take part on a skiing trip to Switzerland and Army Cadet Camps.

Mrs Biddle said the boys who regularly skate at the ramp want a fence put up and signs posted warning of the dangers posed to young children.

“The boys want people to please be aware – it is extremely dangerous and a child is going to get really badly hurt. People don’t understand just how fast the skateboarders go. If a skateboard or scooter hit a child’s head it would be devastating.”

Huntingdonshire District Council said they would review situation and could put signs up warning of the dangers.

A spokesman said: “We can’t stop people using the skate ramps - but it is a matter of common sense.”