Take part in this month's Plastic Free July challenge

Martin Cooper, the owner of the The Refill Shop of Ikigai, has set up plastic -free goals

Martin Cooper the owner of the The Refill Shop of Ikigai is encouraging people to take part in this year's Plastic Free July challenge. - Credit: Martin Cooper

The Refill Shop of Ikigai in St Ives, is encouraging everyone to take part in this year's Plastic Free July challenge, by sharing ideas, tips and easy ways people in Huntingdonshire can reduce their single use plastic consumption. 

 The campaign, which started today (July 1) is part of a global initiative from  PlasticFreeJuly.org, who has a vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste. 

From swapping toothpaste tubes to jars, plastic bags of food to reusable containers which can be refilled and plastic sticky tape to paper tape, they say there are some easy ways to reduce plastic consumption. 

Martin Cooper, owner of The Refill Shop of Ikigai, said: "Plastic Free July gives us all the opportunity to think about what we use in our daily lives that we just throw away because it can't be reused or recycled, and to discover whether there is a plastic-free alternative out there." 

Each day there will be simple swaps and ideas on the shop's social media sites, that people can easily make, and people are encouraged to share their tips and alternatives to plastic too. 

Martin added: "We can't all expect to stop using plastic overnight, but if everyone just makes one change, it all contributes to the global problem of plastic waste. 

 "While it may not seem a lot, every little change will have an impact and may become a new habit for people. 

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 "I hope our plastic alternative suggestions will help everyone see how easy it can be and inspire everyone to think about ways in which they can take up the Plastic Free July challenge and reduce plastic waste for good." 

The Refill Shop of Ikigai is located on White Hart Lane, just off the High Street and opened on February 12.

It was classed as an essential store, selling food and household cleaning product and so was able to remain open during the pandemic. 

The campaign starts on Thursday, July 1, across the globe, and local hints and tips can be found on social media platforms.