Three youth sports teams are working together during the month of June to run a collective 350,000 metres to raise money for charity.

St Ives Rugby Club, St Ives Rangers Red Sox and Black Sox Under12’s are aiming to raise £250 each for Arthur Rank Hospice, EACH, Mind and Macmillan Cancer Support.

They started the challenge on May 31 and the children are completing Bronco Tests in parks, supervised by their parents. Terry Ockenden, a parent of a child who plays for the St Ives RFC and St Ives Rangers said: “It is great to get the children out running again after 11 weeks of restricted exercise and what better way than raising money for good causes.”

If you would like to make a donation, go to: Just Giving at:](;…/stivesunder12broncotest](…/stivesunder12broncotest;…/st-ivesu12broncotestchallenge](…/st-ivesu12broncotestchallenge;…/st-ivesutwlevebroncotest](…/st-ivesutwlevebroncotest.