St Ives residents look after each other in Neighbourhood Watch scheme

RESIDENTS in St Ives will be keeping a close eye on suspicious behaviour as a new neighbourhood watch scheme is introduced.

Robert Hare formed the Chaucer Green Neighbourhood Watch team with residents in Chaucer Way and Shakespeare Road and the 69-year-old had asked St Ives Town Council to pay for four signs but after being refused Mr Hare went round his neighbours and raised enough to buy three signs. Town Councillor Ryan Fuller offered to pay for the remaining sign.

They have also joined with residents in Burns Way and needed to buy two more signs.

“I don’t know why noone has set a group up before. I thought I might chance my luck with the town council as I thought they would pay for the good of the community,” Mr Hare said. “The members are grateful for Ryan’s contribution.”

Cllr Fuller said he was disgusted at the town council’s decision not to recompense the group’s initiative said that he would be glad to make any contribution to worthy schemes.

Alan Mackender-Lawrence, Huntingdonshire neighbourhood watch representative, added: “We are seeing a resurgence in neighbourhood watch groups and a rise in community spirit which means more people are taking pride in their communities.”