St Ives resident fears for children's safety

Wooden planks have been removed from fencing that surrounds a pond in St Ives' Berman park. 

Wooden planks have been removed from fencing that surrounds a pond in St Ives' Berman park. - Credit: Tim Peak

A St Ives resident has expressed his concern after fencing has been removed surrounding a deep pond. 

Carl Denny who lives next to Berman Park in St Ives is worried for children’s safety after spotting huge holes in the fencing.  

Carl said: “Me and other residents who live near to Berman Park are aware that wooden planks are being removed from the fencing that surrounds the pond.  

“These planks are then being taken into the woods to start bonfires, which is a concern to us residents who are living next to the park. 

“If those fires catch and goes down that thicket, it would awful consequences.  

“I don’t know how deep that pond is and if there is any water in there at the moment but kids do like exploring, so this is a potential hazard."  

Residents living close to the park have seen smoke coming from the woods on certain evenings and burnt patches in the grass. 

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Carl said: "We don't know who these individuals are but we would like to ask them to have more consideration for the area and people's safety."

The Hunts Post have approached Huntingdonshire District Council for a comment.