Refill shop supports COP26 urging people to try plastic free swap

Martin Cooper, owner of the refill shop in St Ives 

Martin Cooper, owner of Ikigai the refill shop in St Ives - Credit: Martin Cooper

A St Ives Refill shop is encouraging everyone to try a plastic free swap, to help in the fight against climate change and support COP26’s aim.  

Martin Cooper, owner of The Refill Shop of Ikigai, stresses that with the climate change conference COP26 running for the next two weeks it is important that people play their part.  

He is encouraging people to make a difference by swapping toothpaste tubes to jars, plastic bags of food to reusable containers which can be refilled and plastic sticky tape to paper tape, they say there are some easy ways to reduce plastic consumption. 

Martin Cooper, owner of The Refill Shop of Ikigai, said: "COP26 is a focus for us all on the damage we are causing to our planet and the impact we are all having. 

"We know it's impossible to change every aspect of our lives overnight, but just making small changes as and when we can will make a difference - from refilling our washing up bottles to reduce our plastic consumption to only buying the amount of food we need to reduce food waste." 

 The shop, which has been open since February, offers eco alternatives to lots of items used daily around the home, and has a strong environmental ethos behind it.  

They provide alternatives to plastic household items from the kitchen and bathroom to beauty and even children's toys. 

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Martin added: "Zero waste is a great statement but is completely unrealistic to most people.  

 "We want people just to think about what they use and to have a look at what other options there are that will have less impact on our planet. 

 "It's not about us all doing a perfect job, it's about us all just doing something to help." 

 The shop is open six days a week in St Ives and encourages people to bring in their own containers to be refilled to reduce landfill and plastic waste. 

COP26 (Conference of the Parties 26) is a climate change conference started yesterday October 31 in Glasgow and will run for the next two weeks.  

Within the conference leaders will tackle ways to bring climate change under control.  

To keep the world from going beyond 1.5C of warming before 2100, greenhouse gas production needs to be urgently cut.