Bike rescue business in St Ives is supporting community to think about pedal power alternatives

Phil Latin has created 'Phil's Bike Rescue'

Phil Latin has created 'Phil's Bike Rescue' PICTURE: Archant - Credit: Archant

Phil has sold more than 40 bikes since he set up in May.

The Seven Wives Pub in St Ives is supporting a local businessman who is recycling bikes and encouraging the community to use pedal power.

Phil Latin, from St Ives, started up Phil’s Bike Rescue to provide cycles for the local community during the lockdown. He has already sold 42 bikes in less than a month so far and has been working tirelessly around the clock to collect people’s old bikes and sell them on for a reasonable price.

He says he has had lots of positive feedback from the community and it is great to be doing something he loves.

“I started this venture because, firstly, I love bikes and secondly, I noticed more and more people getting on their bikes,” said Phil.

“The idea came when I was given a few bikes by a mate who needed to clear out his garage and he said he was never going to use them and I could get what I could for them.

“I sold a couple of them and they went like hot cakes, I thought I could sell some pennies doing this.

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“I tried to think there must be bikes everywhere in sheds and garages, neglected and sad never been used and they end up in the skip, which is terrible.

“I thought how can I get them, then I just thought easy, I can collect them.

“That’s why I came up with Phil’s bikes so I can rehome them for you, it’s not worth the owners reselling them as they would only get £30.

“So I have been given bikes which I smarten up and I service them.

“I sold my first bike on May 15 and currently I have sold 42 bikes so far and I plan to sell more.”

“I have to say a big thank to Brandon the owner of The Seven Wives pub who has been great in letting me sell the bikes outside his pub, it’s like having my own shop window.”

Brandon Bent, the landlord of the pub, said: “I think it’s great that Phil is trying to support people in these really difficult times.”