St Ives pair marry on December 12 2012

A COUPLE from Wyton picked a special – if somewhat unusual – day for their wedding.

Kathryn Glover, 27, and Neil Haddock, 31, had been engaged since 2007 but when they came to pick a date, they settled on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 – the last time this century the date, month and year will match.

“We did consider having it at 12 noon as well but we didn’t think we’d be ready in time!” Kathryn said.

The pair, who met as children in St Ives and live in Wyton-on-the-Hill, enjoyed a grand ceremony at Orton Hall, in Peterborough, at 3pm on the day.

“It was brilliant and everything went swimmingly,” said Kathryn, who was given away by her brother Mark Glover. “We weren’t even nervous.

“Being a weekday made it harder to plan but it was the last day there will be a consecutive date for many years. It just sounded really unusual and we thought: ‘Why not have it on a memorable date?’”

The couple broke with tradition by involving their 20-month-old daughter Oakley in the wedding service.

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After Neil, who runs Livewires Electrical Contractors, and Kathryn, a part-time nanny, had exchanged rings, they invited Oakley to walk down the aisle to be presented with a necklace from her parents.

“She is a big character and a huge part of our lives, so we wanted her to be involved in the wedding,” Kathryn said. “She was as good as gold during the service and while being given the necklace.”

The couple held two receptions – one straight afterwards at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium and another on Saturday, December 15, at Abbots Ripton Village Hall for those who could not make the first one.

The couple decided to delay their honeymoon until January, when they will holiday in England, but plan to have a trip abroad with their daughter at a later date.