St Ives non-identical twins’ identical 100 per cent school attendance

Twin brothers David and Graeme Peard from St Ives may not be identical but they have identical – and 100 per cent – school attendance records: they’ve not missed a day of school in SEVEN years.

The 17-year-olds, who live in Norfolk Road and have just completed their A levels, have left St Ivo School without missing a day since September 2005. They were awarded certificates by headteacher Howard Gilbert and head of sixth form Richard Perry.

David, who hopes to go to medical school, said he and his brother, who wants to study accountancy, didn’t think about the record until they were given the certificates.

“We just never really got seriously ill,” he said. “We got the odd cough and cold but I don’t see the point of not going in if you can. There was never any time where we had to will ourselves to go in to school.”

Their mum Dot, who works at the school as a learning assistant, told The Hunts Post: “We are proud that we have two hard working students. They’re both aiming for top grades so it shows that if you go in every day it will benefit them.”

Mr Gilbert said: “David and Graeme’s attitude has been outstanding throughout their time with us and I am sure that they are about to reap the benefits of this by achieving excellent A level results this summer.”