St Ives Mayor distributes Langley Bread to widows and widowers

WIDOWS and widowers in St Ives were given bags of groceries yesterday (Wednesday) as part of a 360-year tradition in the town.

The Mayor of St Ives, Councillor Martin Collier gave out 200 bags of sugar, bread, tea and biscuits to the town’s residents as part of the giving of the Langley Bread.

When Robert Langley died in 1650, he left money in his will for bread to be handed out annually and the traditions live on with interest from the Langley Bread Trust fund being spent on essentials each year.

Around �550 was spent on groceries to fill the bags but organisers received additional help from Budgens. A town council spokesman said: “We gave out around 150 bags to people coming into the Corn Exchange, but we also went round the care homes and sheltered accommodation to make sure all 200 bags were distributed.

“It will continue as long as there is a need for it, and when people are walking through the door, there is a need.”