Letter of the Week: Brexit gain for food bank!

Letter of the Week.

Letter of the Week. - Credit: ARCHANT

I know it is hard to find anyone who has gained from Brexit, but St Ives Food Bank has.

My wife and I recently contacted a trusted manufacturer in Brittany (there being no equivalent quality available in the UK) to source gifts for our grandchildren. 

Because of Brexit, the company would no longer deal directly with customers in the UK but suggested a small number of retail outlets in France that would fulfil electronic orders. Of those that stocked the product, only one would supply any country in the world, including North Korea - any country, that is, except the UK, specifically because of Brexit.

So we arranged delivery to a friend, originally from Hunts, who now lives in rural France. He agreed to post on the product in exchange for a significant donation to a local charity.

Since we both support the food bank directly or, in his case, indirectly, it was the obvious choice.
Just in case any of your readers who voted for Brexit have not yet realised that he or she was duped by Johnson, Gove, Cummings and the rest of the Brexiteers, I am happy to provide links to the relevant websites that explicitly cite Brexit as their reason for refusing to trade with the UK. (It will help them to be able to read French, of course.)

Ian MacKellar
Hilton Road

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