St Ives EcoAction to host first Repair Café online event

On Wednesday November 25 at 7pm, St Ives EcoAction will hold its first ever ‘Repairers’ online event. PICTURE: St Ives...

On Wednesday November 25 at 7pm, St Ives EcoAction will hold its first ever ‘Repairers’ online event. PICTURE: St Ives EcoAction - Credit: St Ives EcoAction

St Ives is set to add to the network of a new movement of Repair Cafés in Cambridgeshire.

St Ives EcoAction will hold its first ever Repairers online event on Wednesday, November 25. The aim is to take products that are difficult to fix and repair, items that will often end up in the bin or in landfill.

However, a growing global movement of Repair Cafés aims to turn that around, with the support of Cambridge Carbon Footprint and the Cambridgeshire Repair Network.

The event is for anyone interested in finding out more about what a Repair Café is and does, and organisers are particularly keen to attract potential volunteer repairers who have fixing skills, and who want to know first-hand what’s involved in becoming an active repairer.

Experienced repairers from the Cambridgeshire Repair Network who have skills in electrical and mechanical, sewing and jewellery repairs, will talk about the most common type of repairs that people bring to a Repair Café, the tools most commonly used, and the preparation and time required to perform the repair.

Items repaired can include toasters, teddy bears, boots, a bicycle or a piece of jewellery.

A Repair Café ethos is one that encourages skills sharing and learning, builds confidence and community in the process, and keeps stuff out of landfill.

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If you’re curious about what’s involved in becoming a volunteer repairer, and have skills to offer, you can join the Zoom call.

“While current restrictions may be limiting the ability to hold a Repair Café in its traditional form, there is a lot of preparation required to set one up and this event is one step towards getting a repair culture off the ground locally,” said a spokesperson for the group.”

“We are especially looking for people who are handy with clothing, textiles, bicycles, electrical appliances, furniture, wooden objects, mechanical items, jewellery and computers and technology.”

If you are a potential repairer, would like to become a Repair Café volunteer, or would like further information including a link the Zoom meeting on November 25 at 7pm, email: