St Ives couple have shoes stolen during weekend burglary


- Credit: Archant

Waking up after a burglary, a couple from St Ives discovered something strange missing from their home on Saturday morning; their shoes.

Jessica Russell, 21, and Kye Best, 24, from Maytrees, were burgled in the early hours of Saturday morning (February 27), and realised something was wrong when they tried to leave the house later that day.

“We woke up in the morning and the house looked a bit off, but nothing out of the ordinary. There was nothing obvious,” Ms Russell told the Post.

“I went to leave the house and realised I had no shoes. I’m pregnant and thought it must be the baby brain. Then my partner came in and said ‘My shoes have gone as well’.”

Together, Ms Russell’s Timberland shoes were stolen, as well as two pairs of Mr Best’s trainers; one by Adidas and the other from Nike.

Strangely, another one of his trainers was taken, but not its accompanying shoe.

“It’s hilarious. It’s just so weird,” Ms Russell said.

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“I have one pair left, but they’re a bit battered. I haven’t got a clue why they did it. They were nice shoes. I don’t know if they want a quick sale, second-hand or what.”

In fact, another house in Maytrees was burgled that night, with computer equipment listed as stolen. It is also believed more shoes were stolen in this second raid.

As well as shoes, Ms Russell noticed her car keys had gone from her key ring and that her Audi had been moved outside, now sitting on the kerb.

In fact, police say an Audi was seen being driven suspiciously around the time of the incident and are appealing for information.

After finding the keys in the ignition, the couple realised Mr Best’s wallet had been taken from the vehicle, which included his cards and driving license.

Apart from money and her passport photos, Ms Russell’s purse was not stolen, and her baby scans were left as well as a memory stick with pictures of her son, Mason, on it.

“They left my scan pictures and just one penny. They left the sentimental stuff,” she said.

“We managed to laugh after we got over the shock. You’ve just got to laugh.”

Anyone with information about the incidents or the Audi are asked to call police on 101, anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit

Alternatively, contact the local burglary team via, quoting CF0082750216 and CF0083130216.