St Ives club to help launch half time orange campaign

Children from St Ives Rangers football team

Children from St Ives Rangers football team - Credit: Archant

A ST IVES football club are helping to bring back one of football’s great traditions ... the half time orange.

Citrus fruit brand Jaffa has teamed up with St Ives Rangers to start a campaign that they hope will spread across the country.

Jaffa will be providing free oranges to the club for the whole season, starting from September, and will also be giving free and discounted fruit to other clubs across the country later in the year.

The campaign comes after a study by the company of 500 children aged five to 18 who regularly play a sport found that 45 per cent of children said they ate crisps, chocolate, sweets or biscuits at half time – 43 per cent had a fizzy drink.

Chris Convine, chairman of St Ives Rangers, said: “I think we’re the first club in the country to be involved.

We’re keen on helping them get the campaign going and we’ve got more than 200 kids who will benefit from the scheme with around 20 of our teams taking part.

“It’s mainly aimed at the younger kids.

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“If we can start them off eating healthily then that would be great.”