St Ives agree to reopen more toilets in town but will need to refit them first

MORE toilets will be reopened in St Ives - but will have to be refitted as Huntingdonshire District Council stripped the facilities bare.

Town councils across the district stepped in to save their public amenities after HDC announced the closure of all of its toilets in March 2010. At the time St Ives Town Council could only afford take over control of the bus station toilets and did so in November 2010.

Town councillors have now decided to reopen the toilets in Globe Place Car Park. However, the council needs to install new toilets and sinks after HDC removed them to and installed them at a toilet block in Huntingdon.

Cllr David Hodge said: “Why is it only our toilets that were stripped by HDC? We were the only council to not rule out running any toilets. It does not make sense especially as they were refurbished not long before they were closed. I think we have to open them, but St Ives shouldn’t have to pay to have them refitted.”

An HDC spokesman said: “Instead of replacing the facilities in Huntingdon Riverside toilet, we took the toilets and the hand washer/driers from Globe Place. It still has cubicles but no natural facilities.”

The town council will pay �8,000 to refit and reopen the toilets, with a further �4,000 to be paid by HDC.