Welcome return of sport for community radio station

Isaac Brindley is one of the sports reporters on HCR.

Isaac Brindley is one of the sports reporters on HCR. - Credit: ISAAC BRINDLEY

Like most broadcasters we reacted quickly following the announcement at midday on Friday,  April 9, of the passing of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Just 15 minutes later, your community station for Huntingdon was already broadcasting an announcement followed by music that was fitting for the sad news from the Palace.

It’s a rare occurrence when the nation’s broadcast media suspends regular programming and it requires meticulous advance planning, ensuring that full respect is shown during at least the first 48 hours after such news breaks. We hope that we have been able to convey that respect in our output and we thank you for the messages of support for the way in which this was delivered.

HCR was ‘born’ in June 1995, 26 years ago. After some ‘restricted service’ test broadcasting over the years and some very hard work, we were awarded a full FM licence by the broadcasting regulator OFCOM and on April 23, 2011 we went on air as HCR 104 FM.

Just a few weeks ago, we were granted our third five-year licence which means we can continue to entertain and inform our communities with renewed energy. We owe our success to our listeners and volunteers who continue to support us - thank you!

Spring has sprung (even if it has been cold!) but your garden needs attention! Every first Friday of the month at 7pm, there are tips and advice on all your gardening jobs on Trevor’s Monthly Gardening Diary presented by Sue Rodwell Smith with Trevor Mallion. This is a new show in our community slot and we hope that green fingered listeners will find it useful.

Isaac Brindley and Ben Prior of Saturday Sport resume community input now that local sport is restarting. Their first commentary was at Jubilee Park for Huntingdon Town FC vs Whittlesey Athletic FC on April 10 for a Division One Group B cup match.

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There was live coverage too, from Hemingfords Utd vs Ely City Reserves in the 30 Year Senior Cup. The sports team has recently welcomed ‘new blood’ in Matt Lee and Stephen Wallis - who are both excited to be part of the sports output at HCR.

Next month, learn all about our award-winning drama and - keep listening.