Speeding driver on A14 among worst in country


A14. - Credit: Archant

A driver doing 128mph on the A14 was the worst case of speeding in the county in 2014, it has been revealed.

A safety camera clocked the motorist breaking the 70mph limit on the eastbound dual carriageway in September last year.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said more specific details about where the offence happened could not be made available.

He added: “Unfortunately there have been several fires at camera sites in Cambridgeshire and it is felt that any specifics on the location could cause problems.” The driver was said to have been “referred to court”.

The figure was released by the force in response to a Freedom of Information request from The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The five worst examples of speeding caught by safety cameras in the county last year also included someone doing 112mph on the A14 at Bythorn, west of Huntingdon.

In Britain overall, the two drivers caught doing the fastest speeds in 2014, both 146mph, were snapped in Kent on the M25.

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Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: “It is disheartening to say the least that some road users are showing such disregard for the safety of all other road users.

“At speeds of 140mph an individual is travelling at nearly two-and-a-half miles a minute. At that speed it is simply impossible to react to anything that might happen in front of you.

“It is also impossible to handle corners, gradients, street furniture and junctions with any effectiveness. In short, all these individuals are playing with their own lives and others – they are all accidents waiting to happen and it requires a major shift in the attitudes of these people to think about safety.”