Speed campaign group hails success in village

The Community Roadwatch group have put signs around the village

The Community Roadwatch group have put signs around the village - Credit: Archant

A Community Roadwatch group has been successful after they have had various traffic calming measures installed in Ramsey Forty Foot.

The speed reduction meaures

The speed reduction meaures - Credit: Archant

The Community Roadwatch group set its sights on tackling speeding in the village after hearing complaints from residents.

The new traffic calming measures, include ‘give way’ markings and warnings coming into Ramsey Forty Foot, and a new extended 30mph zone and build-out.

David McCandless, managing director of the group, said: “We wanted to make a lasting difference on the community, and try and eliminate the amount of speeding that is going on.

“So we decided to apply for a lottery grant for a ‘speed indicator device’ (SID) and they told us that we couldn’t apply for one because we weren’t a company.

“In March 2016, we decided to set us up as a company which allowed us to get a grant from the lottery for a SID.”

The devices are used to collect data in the area about speeding and display the driver’s speed back at them, but do not issue speeding penalties.

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Mr McCandless said: “Since then we have had quiet a few achievements within the community including introducing these new traffic calming measures, installing SIDs and amending the speed limits out of the village.

“We successfully managed to obtain a grant of £20,000 for new traffic calming measures in Ramsey Forty Foot.”

£10,000 of the grant came from the Ramsey Windfarm Community Improvement Fund and a further £10,000 came from the local highways improvement programme in 2016/2017.

Mr McCandless added: “We have had such a good response from everyone on the project. We set out to make a positive difference to the community, without stepping on the toes of Speedwatch.

He said: “Residents are so happy with what we have done, and we are always welcoming people’s suggestions about what to do next.”

Community Roadwatch was set up back in 2015, and is made up of a team of five locals.

To find out more of get in touch with the Community Roadwatch team visit: http://www.roadwatch.org.uk/cambs/RFFProject.